Premium quality feeds for every budget


#1 Alfalfa, 3-way, Bermuda, Teff, premium Orchard, Orchard/Alfalfa blend, 2nd cutting (short & soft) Timothy & 1st cutting (long stemmed with fiber rich seed heads) Timothy. 50LB Alfalfa cubes, Alfalfa-Oat cubes. 50LB Chaffhaye. Triple Crown Safe Starch Forage.  Alfalfa Supreme available seasonably. Standlee Grab & Go Timothy, Standlee Grab & Go Orchard and Standlee Grab & Go Alfalfa 50LB pre-packaged bales. We take great pride and care in our partnerships with hay providers and source our supply a year out to ensure a consistent, quality product. Our Orchard and Timothy grass hay is trucked in from Bend, Oregon. 

Horse Feeds

Purina Strategy GX, Purina Strategy Healthy Edge, Purina Wellsolve L/S, Purina Senior Equine, Purina Senior Active, Purina Impact Hay Stretcher, Purina Ultium, Purina Ultium Gastric Care, Purina Outlast, Purina Enrich, Purina Omega's Match. HyGain ShowTorque, HyGain Zero, HyGain Balanced, HyGain TruCare, HyGain TruGain,  HyGain Senior. Triple Crown Senior Feed, Lite, Complete, Low Starch, and 30% Supplemental. Integrity Senior Feed with or without molasses, Lite without molasses and Low Starch with Timothy. Oat hay & molasses.

Feed Supplements

Dried Shredded Beet Pulp, Renew Gold Rice Bran, Integrity Rice Bran Meal, Integrity Rice Bran Nuggets,   Natural Glo Pellets, Unstabilized Rice Bran Pellets. Standlee Beet Pulp Pellets.


Flat Rolled Oats, Steam Rolled Barley, COB Mix (corn, oats & barley), Cracked Corn, Recleaned Corn, Flaxseed,  Red Flakey Wheat Bran, Recleaned Barley, Soybean meal, 4-way mix.


Grass Hay and Hay Forage Pellets available in 50lb sacks in Timothy, Orchard, Alfalfa, Alfalfa/Timothy, Alfalfa/Timothy/Brome (ATB), Oat Hay/Alfalfa, Bermuda, Alfalfa/Bermuda, Oat Hay.   Available in 40lb bags Standlee Timothy, Standlee Orchard, Standlee Teff, and Standlee premium Alfalfa.


Home Grown Lay Mash, Lay Crumbles, Lay Pellets, Scratch, Soy Free, Corn Free Lay Crumbles, Chick Starter Non Medicated Crumbles, Purina Organic Lay Crumbles, Lay Pellets and Scratch. Modesto Mills Organic Lay Crumbles. Scratch 'N Peck Organic Non GMO Soy Free Layer Feed.  Super Egg Non GMO Lay Pellets. Oyster Shell, Freeze dried meal worms, Garden Delight, Veggie Delight and Chick Sticks. Happy Hen meal worms, Mealworm & Oat Party Mix, Mealworm & Corn Party Mix and Mealworm & Sunflower Treat. Organic Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

Dog & Cat Food

Exclusive Dog and Puppy Food, Canidae Dog Food. Taste of the Wild dog food in Bison and Salmon, dry or can.  Canidae Cat Food, Exclusive Cat Food

...all other creatures, great and small

Purina Goat Chow, Mazuri Mini Pig Adult Diet, Mazuri Mini Pig Elder, Mazuri Mini Pig Youth, Purina Rabbit Show Chow, Purina Rabbit Chow, Mazuri Tortoise Diet, Mazuri Alpaca Chews, Mazuri Llama Chews, Mazuri Emu Diet,  Kelly's Rabbit Pellets,  Wild Bird Seed, Nyger Seed, Pigeon, Dove & Quail.



Mallard Creek Triple Screen 12 Cubic Foot Shavings

Mallard Creek Classic Blend 7.5 Cubic Foot Shavings

Mallard Creek 5 Cubic Foot Fine Pine Shavings

Santa Ynez Kiln Dried Triple Screen 12 Cubic Foot Shavings

Nature's Bedding Triple Screen 12 Cubic Foot Shavings

Pine Pellets

Cedar Rest



Straw Bale Rental

Straw bales are available for rental for $16.50 per bale.  Bales must be kept in good condition, dry and unopened. Bales returned in reuseable condition will be refunded $3.00 per bale upon pickup. Late/early pickups or requests on non standard delivery day will be subject to availability and charged a one time special delivery fee. All bales must be paid for before delivery.